Saturday, January 15, 2011

Angst - The New Fluff!

Hello Twilovers,

I’m mamasutra, and I am trying to get this blog off the ground to bring you some of the rare gems that are hidden among the stack pile of twifics that unfortunately go unnoticed. I will also use this platform to discuss some of my favorite stories – the strengths and weaknesses of the plots, characterization, whether Bella should be strangled or not – the works! Angsty stories are my poison of choice, so I might come off a bit biased in picking the stories I review/discuss.

On occasion my friend IcarusToSun might steal the floor to pitch in her two pennies’ worth. Over all, we promise to keep it as engaging and Rob-friendly as possible! And oh, I am Team Edward by the way, so don’t expect much sympathy for Jacob in this neck of the woods.