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This is my friend mamasutra’s home turf which she has very graciously offered to let me play around in every once in a while. I am IcarusToSun. I LOVE Twilight and all things Edward! I have been reading twifics for close to two years now and have come to find some amazing stories that moved me, brought me to tears, riled me up, and most importantly, kept me captivated. Unlike my brilliant friend, mamasutra, I am not a writer. So basically my sole contribution to this massive reservoir of twifics will be to review, rec/push/pimp stories, and discuss them until we are satisfied that all corners have been covered and no stones are left unturned.

Like mamasutra, I love angsty stories. That is not to say I’d turn away from a good steamy lemon. However, as a rule, I can’t stand Jake. So sorry Team Jacob, chances are you won’t find anything to satisfy your craving here. 

Since we are still learning the ropes about the technical aspects of the whole ‘blogging’ thingy, I will just list a few stories that have caught my eye over the years but didn’t seem to have come to the attention of the masses. I will leave the ‘real’ discussion part for later. Here we go:
Lingering Shadows: The first story I have here is Lingering Shadows by mamasutra. Only 2 chapters up so far (as of 16 Jan 2011) but mark my words! This will be good. Very few stories, and I mean very very few, can make me as emotional as this story managed to with the very first chapter. The last one I recall was Emancipation Proclamation. In Lingering Shadows things start off very mysteriously with Bella lying in a pool of her own blood and Edward going frantic. Not many clues are given in the prologue. Then the story goes back into the past, opening with Bella at her grandmother's funeral with a little hint of her encountering a grief stricken Edward attending his wife's funeral service at the same place. The emotion of bereavement is so vividly portrayed here that my entire focus was stolen by Bella and her anguish of losing her only remaining family. There's so much promise in there that I can hardly wait to find out how things will unfold. Check it out and tell me what you think. Here's the link (or check my faves at FF!):

I can promise you one thing. This one will not disappoint! I may share a few insiders info on this one by the virtue of being its beta, but the arrangement and presentation credit goes completely to the author (mamasutra). I had no clue she would do such a kick-ass job of making the opening sequence so intensely real. Give it a shot and come back to discuss it with us.
Bring On The Wonder: The next one I have here is a really interesting story called Bring on the Wonder by Bronzehyperion. It’s about a nearly ordained catholic priest Edward trying to bring redemption to a street hooker Bella. Quite a play on the “saint-sinner” concept! Thirteen chapters up at the last count and so far, the story is delivering on the amazing promise it opened with. The writing is flawless and the characterization of Bella and Edward are absolutely mind blowing. The stark contrast between the two is simply intriguing and will captivate you without doubt. Give it a shot. Here's the link

Yes, I am slightly biased about this one too! I do happen to beta it. But all my biases aside, this is a superb story that showcases the best of what twi-fic has to offer. And it is extremely vindicating to be proven right! This story has recently been nominated for the Twinklers Walk of Fame Awards in the Hidden Gem category. 
Resurrection: The next on my list is Resurrection (see my FF favorites). The best AU story I have read here to date. It tells the story of what could have happened if Bella managed to push Edward away with her “night of tears” after bidding goodbye to Jake. Let’s admit it folks, the way Bella treated Edward in Eclipse is atrocious! She repeatedly stomped on Edward’s heart to appease and pine after Jake. The double standard she held them to was simply unconscionable. How graciously she’d accept gifts from Jake but wouldn’t even entertain the idea when it came to Edward, how she'd always demand that Edward respects Jake but never stood up for Edward when Jake would trash him. What if she finally managed to break the proverbial camel’s back? What if Edward interpreted her tears differently than he did in the books? What if he couldn’t stand to see Bella cry over another man? What if he chose to sacrifice his life and sanity to make sure Bella found her happiness with Jake after that fateful night? (‘Cause that’s just the kind of noble guy Edward is! And that’s why we love him so much!)
Well here is the story that tells that tale!! Please read it here

There is a discussion thread going at Twilighted as well. Visit the forum and ask the author TwilightMomofTwo any questions/ideas you may have.

The author is also writing a piece called Transcendence which is Eclipse from Edward's POV. She has a way of getting into Edward’s head. You should all go take a peek!

A Fine Line Between: Penned by my awesome friend IvyLaneA Fine Line Between is the tale of bad-boy, grease monkey Edward meeting the uppity, daddy’s girl Bella. Hints are strewn all over that Edward had been through some trauma in the past that has moulded him into this heartless shell of a man who can only see women as sexual objects. That is until Bella waltz in. The author is back from her long hiatus and I have it in good authority that she will start updating soon.  Check it out.

Broken: mamasutra makes an appearance again! I love this story that she’s created which has an amazing way of taking the reader back to their adolescent days, with all its heartbreaks, bruised knees, and self discovery. It has a really lovable and well grounded Bella, a charmingly selfish Edward, and a sweet, loving (who turns out to be not so loving!) Emmett who happens to be Edward’s twin! It’s called Broken by mamasutra. Here’s the link.
Walter Cannon's Theory, Expanded: This rare AU is a really original but seriously under-reviewed story. It's called Walter Cannon's Theory, Expanded by Temptation's Girl. It remoulds all the familiar characters of Twilight and makes it work like magic. In here it is Jasper who turns Edward and the Cullens have a very different family dynamic going. Read it and let me know what you think. Here's the link.
Family Affair: This AU with a twist by babakisses is really something! In the story Edward leaves Bella but unwittingly ends up getting together with Bella's cousin (I know! what are the odds!). Of course, Bella finds out eventually. I am waiting breathlessly to find out how the author gets him out of this predicament! Here's the link.
The Covenant: The last one for the day is this weird little piece that really messed with my head. It’s called The Covenant by aliasnumberfive. It’s only got three chapters and from the look of it, that’s all the author is planning on for now. It is about a polygamous marriage between Carlisle, Esme, and Bella. What really throws you off is that Bella used to be Edward’s betrothed who happens to be Esme and Carlisle’s late son. For reasons that are not explicitly explained in the story, Carlisle takes Bella as his second wife after his son’s untimely death. The story leaves you reeling from a disturbing sense of wrongness and righteous indignation. The author does a fantastic job of showcasing the complexities of grief, obligation, and sexuality of these three characters. It left me wanting more. Here’s the story.
These stories are special to me for one reason or the other. There are many more that I hope I’d get to talk about in near future. Check out our Story Rec and Story Review pages to see what else we have cooking. Let me know if you decide to give these stories a shot, and if you do, please come back and tell me what you think. Also, if you have anything to say or add to this collection or if you would like to rec me a story please send me the link. I promise to get back to you.
Laters gaters…

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