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I am still tweaking with what to do with regards to creating content for this site. In the mean time I thought I'd add some useful links here. Here are the links to my stories (in no particular order!) that are posted over at the FF. Please come back and let me know what you think of them!

Lingering Shadows: She married the man of her dreams, but how will she find her happily ever after when she can't step away from a past that overshadows their life? How do you fight a ghost? How do you outrun a phantom of perfection that you can never live up to?

Perhaps Not to Be: When he chose another I refused to be broken over it. I went on and made a near perfect life all the while I mourned my loss of who I thought he was. I had found comfort in that we were just not meant to be. Why is he reappearing in my life now?

The Way We Were: Outtakes from Perhaps Not to Be: Scenes from the past,other POVS, and other outtakes that that tell the background story of Edward and Bella as they came to be who they are in the fanfic Perhaps Not to Be.

Broken: What if the person you loved kept hurting you all in the name of loving you? When would enough be enough? Is there any coming back from that type of hurt? AU Human, Edward & Bella with mostly cannon pairing.

Betrayed: EPOV of Broken: What if the one person who was bound to love you and be loyal betrayed in you in a manner that was unforgivable? Could you ever forgive? What if it was you that that kept hurting the person you were destined to love?

Under the Blood red Sky: My sequel to Blood Moon. Nothing can pull a family together or tear them apart like death. Can Edward and Bella find their way back from extreme betrayal and heartbreak? Can they find each other before they lose everything?

Finding My Way Home: Edward is forced to move from Chicago at the start of his junior year. This leads to meeting a strong Bella Swan who helps him find his place in a displaced world. AU Human. Cannon Pairings. BXE, JXA,& EXR.

Finding My Way Home Outtakes and Different POVS: This is where I will post outtakes and different POVs from different scenes from my story Finding my Way Home. It is a love story where Edward i searching for his place in this world. All human. Cannon parings.

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